Loretta Page


Loretta Sessums Mudersbach would have been 54 years old today had her life not been taken from her 9 years ago. She was brutally stabbed to death in her own shower at her home on Franke Lane in Prunedale. A victim of violence perpetrated by a former family member and accomplice. Her body was found by her 81 year old mother after she had been dead for almost 12 hours.

This victim’s murder was the impetus which brought Crime Stoppers to Monterey County by the following year. Although one of her assailants has since committed suicide and the other remains free, other families and the residents of Monterey County have benefited from that heinous crime.

Since that first meeting in November, 1991 the law enforcement agencies throughout Monterey County, the media and the public have worked together to cause arrests and convictions to be made in a variety of cases. Murderers, attempted murderers, many drug dealers, child molesters, pedophiles in other California counties, check fraud artist that had been wanted for 4 years, a multiple violation felon wanted in 4 counties, the perpetrators of a hate crimes and many others.

All volunteer Crime Stoppers of Monterey County has been fingerprinting children since 1993. Statistics began being recorded in late 1995. With the completion on Friday, April 9th fingerprinting all students at Santa Rita School the total has reached 12,923 children. That is 129,230 fingers on 25,846 hands.

The violent death of Ms. Sessums Mudersbach has done much to encourage residents to participate in the attempt to stop crime in the community and to ultimately make our children safe.

**Crime Stoppers of Monterey County, Inc. is a volunteer organization established to assist law enforcement agencies by urging the public to call anonymously with information about criminals, suspects and unsolved crimes.